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Little Sky Lavender copyright

Little Sky Lavender copyright

Sorry, our farm is closed to the public.

Tammy from Redwood City, California emailed:
Just wanted you to know - found your brownie mix at the Whole Foods on 24th St. in SF. My brother and I made them and of course I added walnuts. Absolutely fantastic! The lavender is subtle but always present. My husband is liberally using them to sate his late-night hunger pangs. Three thumbs up!
Will look for your mixes again in my local WF."

Robert L. from San Francisco emailed: "Folks: As an avid ice cream maker, I was curious to see your lavender sugar at Toque Blanche in Half Moon Bay. I made a batch this weekend for a kite flying party and it was the hit of the event. I was told it was the best ice cream I've ever made! And that's saying something. Thank you for the great recipe and the wonderful sugar! I'm off to make another batch for tonight's event."

Sue from Half Moon Bay, California emailed: "Hi, a friend of mine in Half Moon Bay introduced me to your culinary lavender sugar in coffee. I was having a bad day with sinus issues, tired and unable to focus. And my friend pulled out his bag of sugar he had just picked up and was putting some in his coffee. I could smell it right away. He offered to let me try some and I have been hooked since. I immediately relaxed, was able to go back into the office and focus and put out the report I had been struggling with all day. I just finished up my second bag of it and will be back to Toque Blanche to pick up some more today. After looking over your website myself I am going to have to try the brownie mix, cookie mix & probably the salt too. Thanks for making such great product."

Phyll from San Francisco, California emailed: "I saw your package at Whole Foods near us in SF (turns out you did a demo here a few days ago that I didn't know about), but came across the purple package anyway during regular shopping. I must say the Lavender cookies created were Divine. I topped them with freshly made Vanilla Frosting, but even plain they were Amazing. So yummy, and my husband loved them too.
I normally don't do 'Reviews' but the cookies were THAT GREAT!"

Mary from San Jose, California called to say that at a reunion celebration she attended, they served fresh raspberries with vanilla yogurt and a teaspoon of our lavender sugar sprinkled on top... she just had to purchase lavender sugar for herself!

Amanda from Saratoga, California emailed: "Just wanted to let you know about an awesome cake I just made with your lavender sugar product.  I had a dinner party last night and made a Polenta Pound Cake (ala Moosewood Cookbook) and used your lavender sugar instead of regular sugar. OH MY DEAR LORD WAS IT GOOD!!!! Everyone thought they had died and gone to heaven. Great product!  Keep it coming!!!!!!!"

Here are our first food reviews on Small Town Living, an on-line magazine. Click to read the reviews for our lavender brownie kit  and our lavender cookie mix

Awards for our Lavender Brownie Kit!

We attended The 1st Annual Napa Luxury Chocolate Salon 2010
and received a 1st Annual Chocolate Salon Tasting Panel Award:
Most Delicious Ingredient Combinations, Bronze
Attendees Choice Awards:
Best Presentation, Bronze
Most Luxurious Chocolate Experience, Bronze
Most Inventive, Bronze

We attended The 4th Annual San Francisco International Chocolate Salon 2010 and received Best of Salon Award:
  Most Luxurious Chocolate Experience,
Attendees Choice Award: Best For Gifts, Honorable Mention

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